Coastal Media creates marketing content that really works.

There is no limit to how we can help get your business noticed and improve your position in the marketplace to help you stand out from the crowd.

Marketing is a key component to the success of your business. It is about identifying and understanding your customers and fulfilling  your customer needs. Investing time in developing your marketing strategy can help your business grow. There are various ways to market your product or service and it’s the right combination and execution of these that make for a successful marketing campaign.

Coastal Media can take the marketing of your business out of your hands and can work with you on any or all of these areas….


We are often approached by businesses seeking advice on how to achieve growth within the marketplace. Marketing is our passion and our specialty. We have the expertise to build an effective marketing strategy for you. We can create an entire marketing campaign for you including content for television, social and print media as well as website development and content management. There is no limit to how we can help you get your business out there and help improve your position in the marketplace. From organizing a complete media strategy to helping create a new direction or implementing your existing campaign, we are here to help.


A brand exists only in the minds of your customers. Simply put, a brand is the sum total of all the impressions a customer has, based on every interaction they have had with you, your company and your products. Each one of these interactions tells a story to your customers. Knowing your brand and ensuring brand continuity across all platforms is vital and this is where can help.


Advertising your brand, business, idea or product is what we do best. We are experts in TV and Video production and digital advertising. We can manage your advertising from concept to creation and work with budgets big and small. Whether it’s a new TV Commercial, web video, print ad, or photograph for a billboard, Coastal Media has all your advertising needs covered.

Media planning

Due to our extensive experience in the media industry, we can help you during any phase of your media planning. We have many connections in the industry, particularly with the local television networks. We can liaise with the TV networks, radio stations or print publications to create and implement the most effective advertising schedule for your business.


With extensive knowledge stemming from 20 years industry experience, we know how to present your business to the right market in the right way. We can give you publicity advice so you can implement your campaign yourself or we can manage the entire publicity campaign for you.


Effective copy is vital for all your marketing. Whether it’s a TV script, video voiceover or content for your website, quality and engaging written content is vital to increasing brand awareness for your customers and stand out from the noise. We believe in writing stuff that’s worth reading and we believe the power of a story is in the telling. Every word should earn its way onto the page and we follow the ‘less is more’ principle.

Social Media

Every business needs a social media presence and if you aren’t making social media a priority you should be. We provide social media management options tailored to suit your needs ranging from simple social media post creation to full account management.

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We define your message, refine your image and get you in the spotlight. Whether you need us to inspire you as we walk through the process together, or you’d like us to completely take your marketing off your hands, we’ll develop the right strategy for you.
Coastal Media helps people grow their businesses, and we get results. The first step is as easy as starting a conversation….

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