Video production is a huge part of marketing these days and the popularity of video marketing continues to increase. Users are not only seeing more video on every platform (web, social…), but they are wanting and expecting to see more video content as well.

But why? Well… people prefer learning from a video format and they also retain messages better when they view it in a video, compared to the written form. Because of this Video been proven to increase engagement and has a better ability to gain your customers’ trust in your brand.

“Add some more of the creative process and strategy process like swot etc” Coastal Media’s team of creatives and story tellers strengthened by the support of our marketing and brand managers have been producing videos for over 10 years. This balance between strategy and creativity has enabled us to grow and adapt with the vast changes the advertising industry has seen over the years keeping our quality of work high, our customers happy and our results impressive.

No matter what your business, video will prove to be valuable to you. Use our emotive storytelling to introduce yourself to your customers with a web video. Sell your product with a TV commercial or explainer video. Simplify your internal operations with tutorials and training videos.

Have a bit of fun with our animation department and use a graphic based corporate video to enhance your presentations and Internal communications. Motivate your staff and boost team moral with the production of a highlights reel or annual wrap up. Maintain a presence and keep your current customers informed with blogs, vlogs, social media content, Instagram ads and a YouTube or Vimeo channel.

Increase your sales, build brand awareness as well as trust, keep current customers informed and reach out to potential clients. No matter what your preferred platform, video is a highly engaging, results-generating way to develop, refresh and maintain your brand identity. Whatever story you need to tell, whoever you need to tell it to…. We’ll create it, make sure they hear it… and remember it. Coastal Media has all your video projects covered. Big or small… you know you’re in good hands.

Annual reports, Marketing collateral, internal and external, staff motivation and training.

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Our team has mastered the fusion of creativity and strategy. We define your message, refine your image and get you in the spotlight. Whether you need us to inspire you as we walk through the process together, or you’d like us to completely take your marketing off your hands, we’ll develop the right partnership for you.
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